Monday, January 17, 2011

VT Graphics Introduces Digital Imaging

VT Graphics introduced its digital imaging capability early this year. With its launch of digital imaging and digital workflow processes, VT assures they remain on the cutting edge of technology and reinforces its position as a leader in the flexographic plate making industry. The addition of an Esko CDI 50 x 80 large format CyrelTM Digital flexo plate imager allows VT Graphics to offer the highest quality optimized digital plates available, with a broader tonal range and an improved dot structure for reducing fluting when printing on corrugated board. Digital plates raise the quality bar for all converters. Not only do they provide superior print quality results, but they have also been proven to remain viable on press for longer runs.

Using the Digital Flexo Suite for packaging enhances VT Graphics' ability to be productive by increasing throughput while cutting waste. This in turn will allow us to offer many cost effective solutions to converters. An added innovation of the Digital Flexo Suite is the digital flexo cutting/mounting system which boosts mounting accuracy for all multi-color and process work. When converters push the limits of flexo printing, they can be confident the VT Group will stand by them, offering a complete range of the industry’s most progressive design and plate solutions.

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